My career as a Graphic Designer means much of my work is collaborative, reliant on communication and under a tight deadline. And because I occasionally work from home, it’s essential that I have strong signal strength to be able to take phone calls and stay in contact with clients.

Poor Signal Strength in Home Office

However, my home is a little off the beaten path, and it doesn’t always have strong signal reception. There are certain rooms in my house that I consider dead zones, no calls or texts can be sent out or received. There is even one specific corner in my home office where I just can’t seem to get good reception unless I put my phone on speaker, but even then, it’s hit or miss.

I use an iPhone 10X, but because of where I live, I simply can’t always get good connectivity. That’s why I decided to try out bioenrgi’s EMR Power Enhancer chip.

Enhance Signal Reception, Extend Battery Life and More

Designed to increase signal reception, extend battery life and defend against low doses of radiation, the EMR Power Enhancer can be placed either on a cell phone or laptop computer and used for a year before it needs replacing.

After I placed the chip on the back of my iPhone, I settled down for a day of hopefully productive work in my home office. I would have forgotten I had put it there if it wasn’t for the boost in my cell reception, noticeable to not only me, but also the people I spoke to on the phone! I was also able to make calls in my office’s problem corner, without having to resort to the use of speakerphone or saying “sorry, what was that?” an annoying amount of times.

Lack of signal is something we don’t frequently deal with in our modern world. The break from the constantly being plugged-in and accessible to anyone via cell phone can be nice, but it’s also a pain when it comes to conducting business and keeping in contact with clients.

A Modern Solution

That’s why the bioenrgi EMR Power Enhancer is useful for me. It allows me to boost my signal in those areas with spotty reception and put in a productive day’s work, all while allowing me to work from home and spend treasured time with my loved ones. I even get an extra bit of peace of mind knowing that the chip is counteracting the effects of non-ionizing radiation from my cell phone.

Try the EMR Power Enhancer today:

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