Yes, There Are Fleas in Colorado!

We’re lucky in Colorado—we don’t have as many fleas as other parts of the country.  But, the ones that are here seem to be extra insistent on finding a host to live and feed off of.  And as a state full of dog lovers, we also have to watch out for ticks. Ticks love tall grassy areas and trees, making Colorado the perfect place for them. Both of these creatures feed directly on the blood of their host, which means they can even transmit disease into the bloodstream.

Signs of Fleas on Your Pet and Around the Home

You can tell if your animal has fleas because they will scratch, bite, or lick themselves excessively, especially in hard to reach places. The flea saliva can also irritate your pet’s skin, leaving lesions. Another visible sign is flea excrement, or “flea dirt,” black or reddish-brown specks on your animal’s body or even around your home.

Fleas are especially attracted to light colored animals and since my dog, Gracie, is blonde colored, the poor girl would end up with fleas every spring. I would have to bathe her (she HATES that), then I’d need to go to the store and buy something to spray in my home to kill the hidden fleas and their eggs. (More chemicals that we don’t know their real impact to us and our four legged friends).

Flea and Tick Protector Chip- Natural, Safe and Effective 

One spring, I decided to try bioenrgi’s Flea and Tick Protector chip to see if it made a difference. I simply attached the chip to the tag on her collar and honestly forgot it was there. I didn’t think any more about it until sometime in June when I realized Gracie hadn’t been scratching and didn’t seem to need a flea bath. I checked her thoroughly for fleas or any signs of flea dirt. NONE!!! Nothing!! She was clear!! My dog wasn’t suffering from fleas and I didn’t have to spray my house!

The bioenrgi Flea and Tick Protector chip works with your animals’ natural bioenergy field to strengthen their immune system, keeping them healthy and reducing their chances of hosting fleas and ticks. You simply attach a tag with the chip to your dog’s collar approximately three weeks before flea and tick season begins and then replace it after six months. It is a totally drug and chemical free approach to tackling fleas and ticks while keeping your furry friend safe and healthy.

I love the bioenrgi Flea and Tick Protector chip because it’s a simple, easy, and most importantly, a natural solution to a problem that can make your pets miserable and your house a bug playground. Evening walks are great now as I know Gracie is protected and there is nothing I love more than watching her play and romp around outdoors.


If you’re looking for a natural alternative to flea and tick prevention, check out bioenrgi’s Flea and Tick Protection Chip:

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