Lifestyle and Energy

Use the products to support a better lifestyle, from exercise to food and drink, mental focus or sound sleep.  Energy is all around us, and these products use frequencies to work with your body’s needs – without harmful drugs or chemicals.

Learn more about Lifestyle and Energy products and how they work.

Smart 5G Shield


Reduce harmful RF radiation from electronic devices 

Smart 5G Shield + Bracelet Combo

Reduce harmful radiation and protect against 5G frequencies

No HangOver


Reduce the symptoms of a hangover

5G Blocker Bracelet

Protect yourself and your family with the 5G Blocker Bracelet

Power Enhancer

Intensify – Boost – Defend !


Guards against non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation


Blend of natural ingredients that revitalize and refresh


Support the body’s ability to hydrate more effectively

Digestive Solution

Boost the ENERGY from the food and beverages you consume

Gravity Balance

Maintain continuous cell reproduction while sleeping

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