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September 2019


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Flea and Tick Protection: A Review

Yes, There Are Fleas in Colorado! We’re lucky in Colorado—we don’t have as many fleas as other parts of the country.  But, the ones that are here seem to be extra insistent on finding a host to live and feed off of.  And as a state full of dog lovers, we also have to...

EMR Power Enhancer: A Review

My career as a Graphic Designer means much of my work is collaborative, reliant on communication and under a tight deadline. And because I occasionally work from home, it’s essential that I have strong signal strength to be able to take phone calls and stay in contact with clients. That’s why the bioenrgi EMR Power Enhancer is useful for me. It allows me to boost my signal in those areas with spotty reception and put in a productive day’s work, all while allowing me to work from home and spend treasured time with my loved ones. I even get an extra bit of peace of mind knowing that the chip is counteracting the effects of non-ionizing radiation from my cell phone.

Power Workout: A Review

As someone who has been working out 5-6 days a week for years, I’m no stranger to the occasional injury, muscle strain or just general soreness that comes from being in the gym. Typically, my daily workout consists of 30 minutes of cardio, followed by 30-60 minutes of well-balanced strength training with some supersets and HIIT training. I have an established workout routine and nutrition regiment that usually keeps me feeling my best, but recently, I’ve started to have some pretty intense soreness in my back, knees and sometimes ankles.

No Hangover Patch: A Review

Although moderation, planning, and discipline are things that I value highly in my everyday life, sometimes they have to take the (Uber driver’s) back seat for a night. And that night just so happened to be my 21st birthday. Now I’m going to be upfront with you and...

Pet Allergy Relief: A Review

  This is Oliver, my one-year-old Coton de Tulear. A what? Okay, let me tell you for just a quick second about these awesome little dogs before I get into how the bioenrgi™ Allergy Relief chip helped my sweet boy.   The Royal Dog of Madagascar The Coton de...

Bioenrgi Educational Symposium 2020

Our team at bioenrgi is hosting an educational symposium in the spring of 2020 and is currently looking for keynote speakers and partners to join us.  

EMR’s in the 21st Century

Our CEO also lead an in-depth discussion on whether EMR’s could be the next big health concern in the 21st century at the Mind Body Spirit Expo . In her presentation, guests learned about what EMR’s are, current information and research, and what we can do to mitigate...


I use the H2O enhancer all the time as it provides me with a more refreshing and dense texture to the water.  I seem to gravitate to wanting to drink more and not eliminating as frequently.

Leslie E (Denver)

H20 Enhancer

We have a Lab that developed weepy eyes this last year.  Thinking it was an allergy, we changed her treats and food type which did not help at all.  Once we attached the Allergies disc to her collar, we saw much less weepy eyes within 2 days.  She has her beautiful eyes back, tear free!

Don M. (Denver)

Pet Care: Allergy

I look forward to coming home from work and the first thing I do after taking my makeup off was spray my face with the Neu Face as it is so refreshing and relaxing.  I can enjoy the rest of the evening!

Carol B (Denver)

Neu Face

We have a German Shepard and a Belgium Malnois,  12 and 8 years old.  Both are getting older, but the younger one had an injury in her shoulder that was impacting her quality of life.    We tried the Pain & Joint disc and within 2 days, we could see a noticeable difference.  She was back to her happy self, the decrease in her pain was noticeable in her stride and attitude.   It is great to see results without having to use chemicals or drugs.  We like it so much we are using it on our older dog  who also was having issues, just with normal aging.  I highly recommend and will always use the Pain and Join Disc.

Bridgett C. (Kentucky)

Pet Care: Pain & Joint

I bought the Flea & Tick chip for my dog that gets fleas every year in the spring. (Yes, we do have fleas in Colorado.) I put the chip badge on her collar in March and now, in July, we have not had to deal with any fleas during this time. My dog does not stop every 2 or 3 steps to scratch anymore and we are not having to deal with fleas in our house.

David H (Denver)

Pet Care: Fleas & Ticks

The moisturizing spray is great!! It is refreshing and it really does moisturize your skin. I use it mornings and evening and sometimes even during the day for a refresher – especially on hot days! It smells great too. I love that it is all natural.

Tammy S (Denver)

Lifestyle & Energy: Neu-Face

Our Australian Shepherd is 12 years old. He has had knee problems that would flare up when he would play too hard. He’d then be limping around for a day or two after. I tried the joint and arthritis chip on his collar not really expecting much. A couple days later though he seemed to be moving around the yard like a much younger dog. I’ve haven’t noticed him limping in quite a while.

Matt P (Florida)

Pet Care: Pain & joint

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