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The Calm chip has been charged with unique natural bio frequencies known to improve your pet’s disposition when faced with stressful situations.    Results generally appear within 12-24 hours depending on size and breed of animal.

Stress and anxiety come in many forms.  Fireworks, sounds of kids playing, loud vehicles and even everyday noises can trigger barking, aggression, and abnormal behaviors in your pet. No matter what the cause, the result is the same – an anxious, uneasy emotional state for your beloved companion.

Calm was designed to reduce the everyday stress and anxiety of your pet’s environment and help maintain a better emotional state of mind.

Use Calm when pets show signs of anxiety when traveling in vehicles, boats and planes or to control secondary symptoms such as eating and emotional disorders.


Two (2) energy chips are included for a one-year supply.

Remove the backing on one chip and place on the enclosed tag.  Attach tag to pet’s collar.  Replace after 6 months of use.

Safe for use on all animals.

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