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Thermal Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation and Health

Cell phones and laptops, like most other electronic devices, all emit non-ionizing radiation in the microwave range.  The health impact of cell phone usage has been receiving increased attention in the media and medical community, especially with the number of people using these devices globally (5 billions users worldwide in 2017).

Dielectric heating is the process in which a radio frequency alternating electric field, or radio wave or microwave electromagnetic radiation heats dielectric material (such as living tissue).  The dielectric material is heated by rotations of the polar molecules induced by the electromagnetic field. When these molecules are agitated, it will increase their temperature.    In the case of a cell phone, the heating effect will occur at the surface of the head, causing its temperature to increase by a fraction of a degree.

The EMR Power Enhancer:

Intensifies the antenna signal feature of cell phones.  The enhancer improves the signal on your cell phone’s antenna to improve voice and data reception.

Enhances the cell phones battery lifespan.  The EMR Power Enhancer stabilizes the cell phone’s battery between charges.  The material is infused with an electrical charge that enhances the cells of the battery with additional energy.

Defends against low radiation.  The Enhancer aids in counteracting the effects of radiation.  The neutralization process minimizes the damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation that emit from cell phones.  This type of radiation causes inflammation and damage to living tissues.

Replace Yearly.

Mobile phones – Place one flat 1”chip directly on the back of mobile cell phone over the battery.  Do NOT place on the back of a phone case.

Laptop computers – Place two flat 1” chips on each side of the computer.

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