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The H2O Enhancer discs are programmed with frequencies that tighten the bond between water molecules, which improves  the H2O molecules to be absorbed by the vital organs more effectively.

With two-thirds of our body made up of water, it’s imperative that we take our water consumption seriously. With the H20 Enhancer chip, ensure that you are hydrating the most effective way for your body’s overall health.

The H2O Enhancer chip is a drug-free product that is used on the exterior of single walled (non-insulated) water container (up to 1 gallon per chip).  The chip is electronically programmed to enhance water-bonding structures to improve better hydration.


Place the H2O enhancer chip on any water container (up to 1 gallon in capacity).  Discard after used for 30 days.  Apply another chip.

Three  month supply enclosed (3) chips. Replace monthly.

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