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The Hangover Patch is a health and well-being product, which delivers the frequency of glutathione that helps reduce the symptoms associated with drinking.

The Hangover Patch controls the way our body processes alcohol. It slows down the process by which alcohol breaks down to acetaldehyde, lessening the amount of acetaldehyde that enters into your system at any given time. Drinking pure water and wearing the Hangover Patch help mitigate the unwanted and harmful side effects of excessive drinking.

This frequency of glutathione is a perfect solution for your body because it recycles antioxidants on their own.


Before starting to drink alcohol, attach one No Hangover Patch to your left back shoulder.  You many also attach one patch the morning after to reduce hangover symptoms.  One patch will last for 3 days.

Please remember to stay hydrated before and after drinking, and always drink responsibly.

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