Pain and Joint Relief


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The Pain & Joint Relief chip has been charged with and holds unique natural bio frequencies known to ease a number of pain related issues associated with normal degenerative joint pain

Typically pet’s joints take a pounding from daily playing  and chasing other animals or toys. The Pain & Joint Relief Relief chip helps ease the pain related to normal degenerative joint-problems that can occur in pets, including ACL tears and osteoarthritis.  Joint pain symptoms typically appear gradually, and most of the time, owners notice their pets are doing less or having more difficulty with common activities such as standing or sitting down.  Rarely do owners see overt pain as the first complaint.


Two (2) energy chips are included for a one year supply.

Remove the backing on one chip and place on the enclosed tag.  Attach tag to pet’s collar.  Replace after 6 months of use.

Safe for use on all animals.

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